The Business of Fashion’s core mission is to open, inform and connect the global fashion and beauty industries. At the core of this mission is our dedication to creating, curating and distributing high-quality news and analysis. We do this with complete editorial independence, free from investor influence, commercial pressures or personal bias.

How BoF Makes Money

The Business of Fashion derives the majority of its revenue from users who subscribe to BoF Professional, our paid news and analysis product, which means we are first and foremost accountable to our readers. We also generate revenue from users who pay for access to events like BoF VOICES and commercial partners which advertise, sponsor events or pay for services associated with BoF Careers, our platform for jobs and career advice.

Standards & Ethics Guidelines
  • Our journalism is rooted in balanced reporting, fairness and integrity.
  • We do not take payments of any kind in return for editorial coverage.
  • We do not adjust editorial content to the wishes or interests of commercial partners, shareholders or other financial backers, nor do we avoid covering subjects that may be sensitive for commercial partners, shareholders or other financial backers.
  • All investors have signed shareholders’ documentation guaranteeing BoF’s complete editorial independence.
  • All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. As such, all sponsored content or other “native advertising” content must prominently display the following disclaimer: “Sponsored Content.”
  • All sponsored content or other “native advertising” content created on behalf of commercial partners is done so by teams outside of the BoF newsroom.
  • BoF correspondents have no involvement in the creation of advertising content.
  • BoF correspondents are governed by conflict-of-interest guidelines ensuring there is absolutely no overlap between their coverage and any personal financial activity.
  • BoF correspondents do not accept gifts in return for coverage.
  • The one exception to this rule is travel for the purposes of facilitating editorial coverage. In such cases, the fact that the trip was paid is always disclosed.
  • BoF correspondents who plagiarise or knowingly provide false information for publication are not tolerated.